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We move within a closed landscape whose landmarks constantly draw us toward the past. Certain shifting angles, certain receding perspectives, allow us to glimpse original conceptions of space, but this vision remains fragmentary. It must be sought in the magical locales of fairy tales and surrealist writings: castles, endless walls, little forgotten bars, mammoth caverns, casino mirrors.

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Regina, Saskatchewan

/Regina is a place for thoughtful discussion and events in our little city on the prairie.

Little Casino; Gilbert Sorrentino; (Kindle; $1.99)

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Took a point and shoot loaded with portra400 to a little casino trip turned out to be a night to remember... or to forget

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The little casino i work at is haunted.

I work grave shift at a little casino in a small town and everyone has had something spooky happen at one point. it's pretty common to hear your name called both the staff and guest have it happen it's kinda unnerving during grave when you only have one other person working with and almost no guests.
we call the ghost Charlie and he is pretty peaceful calling names and sometimes screwing with the bathroom doors.
recently though it feels like something else is there i see shadow people darting around machines sometimes and it gets pretty cold when this happens and it feels different from Charlie so i doubt this is him.
Is it possible for another ghost to just show up i have had a lot of paranormal stuff happen in my life but this just started like a month ago with the shadow people.
Anyway i just wanted to share this and see if anyone had any insight or had other workplace ghost storys.
also i'm new here and don't post online often so i'm sorry if this post sucks.
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Will be hosting a little casino game if anyone would be interested. You can win up to 8x what you originally bet let me know if you're interested

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Little casino win

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Little Casino drawing using a 4 colors ballpoint pen. Roll or die!

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Hey guys I need some good advice to open a coffee shop or a little casino

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I’m digging this little casino club ash trey I found.

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WA: Little casinos or big?

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Nice little casino I'm building on mobile

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Lebanon is getting a little casino

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Gilbert Sorrentino; Little Casino; $1.99; Kindle

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Look what I found in my little casino town

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Gilbert Sorrentino discusses his novel "Little Casino"

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Just a little casino I made

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How does GTA San Andreas have gang wars, car customization, darts, clothing, pool, dating, a storyline, casino's and so much more while this game has little to do besides killing gangs/stealing stuff in your downtime?

We seem to be going backwards in gaming, this game was supposed to be so much more dense. But after 40 hours of playing I have basically done all side missions and kind of feel like not starting it up again, I've practically seen all the content (except repeat missions or collectables).
I don't see how you fix this, there's so much content missing. I expected to be put in some kind of futuristic theme park with a heavy focus on doing fun, stupid, interactive stuff and meeting ridiculous individuals but there is just nothing like it.
So apart from the graphics:
GTA: San Andreas has more content than Cyberpunk. A 16 year old game has more to do.
How do you go from the current state of the game and turn it into what was heavily implied during marketing in a short time span? You don't.
Here's a big list of stuff that is missing, posted by u/RalphDamiani. But I don't feel like how significantly little open world content is available is made thoroughly enough.
These are things I expected to be in the game (all of them advertised or heavily hinted at):
- Actual wanted system. Not this alpha testing filler we got.
- Immersive NPCs that don't randomly disappear or all synchronise and run away in the same direction.
-Cool mini games with NPC's you meet (Like in the Yakuza series, who have had this since 2008)
- Some kind of gang system where you either control business' or have to deal with rival gangs
- Meaningful back stories that impact the main story
- New lines that make your character sound like he actually is a corpo instead of a street kid/nomad at all the time
- Car customization
- New gear system with obvious transmog options
- New cybernetic system
- Body sculpt system
- Better animations (I stopped using mantis blade because the strong attack animation takes like 10 seconds to execute)
- Fix all the small sound bugs, like footsteps not registering or no dialogue at all
And then this glorious statement comes out; '' We'll fix the bugs, don't worry ".
The bugs are the least of your problems, they suck but I don't care. They'll get fixed.
How about the other 70% of the game, you know, actual stuff to do besides the ridiculously short main story which you can finish in 10 hours? Why do they only put out a statement regarding stability when content is another huge factor?
I have no idea how complex a game world is to develop but as a creative marketing guy I'm familiar with creative processes and translating design into working features. A lot ideas get cut out because of technical restraints and money issues. Clients always want more than what they're willing to pay for.
But how do you make all your money back from pre-orders, and then deliver a product like this? (With a good 5-6 years of development time)
You do that when you only care about making money and don't care about the artistic integrity of your studio.

The developers/studio guys that worked hard are not to blame, they are the artists. I love what they did, it looks great. Corporate is to blame, they already made back their investment with pre-orders but want more sales with Christmas. How incredibly ironic that a game exploring toxic capitalism is largely ruined by toxic capitalism. What a joke.
TLDR: Great tech demo, love it. But come on bro, don't promise me a brand new lambo and deliver a beat up civic.
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How to turn $75k into $325k while being high on edibles
Coda code of conduct
1) Buy calls on the best companies in the world 5-10% OTM six months or more until expiration. FAANG, MSFT, TSLA, NIKE, WMT, JPM, PYPL, AXP, BABA, NVDA, AMD, SBUX, CRM. Or ETF’s like MGK, FNGS, and SOXX if you don’t have the capital to get in on single equity options.
2) Hold for at least half of the 6 months until expiration.
3) The long term goal is to buy and hold shares. This is what rich people do. Hard assets that can’t quickly evaporate like options can. Same choice of companies as above. Just the good shit. Hold assets that slowly grow. Cash gang = chicken coop.
4) In order to protect your winnings, make sure half of your account is shares.
5) Use margin sparingly. Less than half of what they are offering you.
6) If you need to do a weekly just to have a little casino thrill in your life it should be less than a grand. Weeklies are not how real wealth is built. But it’s ok if you see a strong trend but don’t YOLO your whole stack. That’s just dumb.
7) Smoke weed every day.
See, I got up to six figures buying puts in mid-march. But then I lost like 3/4’s of my stack staying short when the market bottomed on March 23rd. So I needed to come up with a system to protect my gains. Hence, the Coda code of conduct.
For example, I started with $75k but now I have around $162k in shares. So, no matter what happens I’ll likely be ahead of where I started. I’m slightly out of balance because I have more options than shares. $196k in calls vs $162k in shares. So I’m like $34k out of balance, somewhat breaking my own rule. So I’m living a little dangerously until 9/18 at which time I’m going to execute 4 apple calls and 2 msft calls. Which will bring my share total up like $65k. I might have to sell some options so I have the buying power in my account to get this done. At that point, I will have more shares than options so I’ll be green lit to buy more calls. This is how I enforce discipline on myself to not get to overextended. Leverage, but not too much leverage. Good luck to us all!
Edit: today I recommend buying xlk $135 call 3/19/21 for $870. And holding it thru the new year.
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Casino Theme in Mario Maker? A little showcase.

You've almost certainly seen Mario Maker hacks by now. From what I know, there are three of us making custom themes. Myself and Zachabossaloler decided to create a little casino theme. We used textures that AirShip made for Super Mario Bros X and edited them a little to make them work with Mario Maker. Not that well, clearly, as there are a few tiling errors that I purposefully didn't show in the video xD
But I was wondering what you thought of the theme. It's not often we see stuff like this in a Mario game and honestly I think it could open up a lot of creativity.
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It’s not much but it’s all thanks to the JPow’s third law of casino- “Stonks only go up” I was short overnight but closed my puts (with a little profit) and bought calls.

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The 3 Little Pigs after a successful day of Casino Robbing.

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[LF] Different variants of colorful wheel, especially black/red. [FT] Name your price

I'm looking for different variations of the colorful wheel, especially the black and red one. I'm trying to build a little casino on my island. I have a lot of stuff so name your price for trade. Most notable things I have are star fragments, bells, some NMTs, and bamboo drum diy and mush wreath diy.
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Build a Tower of Terror ripoff in a neat little blueprint called The Cherokee Hotel and Casino! Showcase video in the comments!

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Little casino plays mighty no 9 #6 - YouTube Little casino plays mighty No. 9 #7 - YouTube Little Casino by Enric Nonell (Line Dance) - YouTube My Little Casino Royale Little casino session - YouTube LITTLE BIG - HYPNODANCER (Official Music Video) - YouTube Young Guns II Soundtrack 05 - Ride Little Casino - YouTube

Little six Casino does tell people if they leave the car there it'll get told and threaten you. They basically force you to get into the car and then they called the police to see if you are over legal limit of .08. It would be cheaper to leave your car there and get a towed or The Little River Casino Resort will be closed until Dec. 9, the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians Tribal management announced on their website Saturday night. The announcement said the resort, including the hotel and Little River Trading Post, will voluntarily close on Sunday, November 22 at 10pm. Tribal management intends to re-open at 8 a.m. on Dec. 9. Hotel guest reservations beginning ... 100+ casino classics like slots, video poker, blackjack and bingo are in the palm of your hand! Play anytime, anywhere with Mystic Lake’s social casino game. LEARN MORE ; Download; Big Win$ - Players Who Got a Little Lucky. Congratulations to Douglas for Winning $24,305. Congratulations to Judith for Winning $22,787. Congratulations to Jared for Winning $12,754. Congratulations to Jennifer ... The Little Casino Company ltd has now become the Little Events Company ltd. We now offer a wider range of products and services for weddings and special events in South Wales, the Midlands and the South of England. Based in South Wales, we supply fun casinos, Magic Mirrors Ice Cream Trikes, other exciting products and services. ... Little casino definition is - the two of spades in the game of casino which scores one point for the player who takes the card in a trick. Little white chapel online kasino bieten viel mehr Turnier als Sie jemals in einem realen Casino finden werden. Nicht nur die beliebten Casino-Spiele wie Blackjack oder Roulette sitzen in verschiedenen Varianten zur Verfügung, sondern es sind auch hunderte von verschiedenen Spielautomaten zur Auswahl. Hilfs der großen Gesamtheit spielen unter andrem auch die Software und die ... Little River Casino is warning about possible COVID exposure. The casino said that one person, who was on property on Oct. 9, Oct. 10 and Oct. 12 tested positive for COVID-19 on Oct. 13. The ... Little Creek Casino Resort. 91 West State Route 108 Shelton, WA 98584. Toll Free: 1-800-667-7711 Casino Hours. 10am - 2am Sunday - Thursday. 10am - 3am Friday - Saturday © 2021 Little Wind Casino Owned & Operated by the Northern Arapaho Tribe Owned & Operated by the Northern Arapaho Tribe

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Little casino plays mighty no 9 #6 - YouTube

Description: 4 Wall ~ 64 Count ~ Intermediate Level Danced by: Irene Tang @ Line Dance Studio, Hong Kong Website: I started game streaming at the beginning of 2018 😃(43) Male from East Midlands been playing and streaming Call Of Duty WW2 🔥 Thank you to my subscribers f... Composed by Alan Silvestri Young Guns II Soundtrack 05 - Ride Little Casino Listen to «HYPNODANCER» by Little Big: composed and produced by Ilia Prusikin, Lyubim Khomchuk, Viktor SibrininLyrics by ... "Casino" is a 1995 American epic crime drama film directed by "Martin Scorsese" and starring "Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci & Sharon Stone".Casino was released o... Nestled by the Victorian port city of Manistee, you'll find one of Michigan's most exciting entertainment destinations, Little River Casino Resort! You can a... I started game streaming at the beginning of 2018 😃(43) Male from East Midlands been playing and streaming Call Of Duty WW2 🔥 Now have 101 subs Thank you t... I bet an assload is gonna go with the typical Bond theme, but what kind of person would DARE use the theme to the Bond film "Casino Royale 007" with Daniel Craig at his first Bond role? ME!! Song ... About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ...